Welcome to our online Wedding Cake Shop. At present, there are two sections where you can select various options for your wedding cake.

The first is our Gretna Wedding Cake Shop, which is designed for couples getting married in the Gretna/Dumfries area.

Some customisation of colours, ribbons, flavours and decorations are possible.

This 'Gretna' range of Wedding Cakes is substantially lower in price when compared to our other ranges shown on our website.

We have achieved these low prices by reducing sizes and simplifying and standardising the decoration, and negating the need for design time and meeting clients at the bakery for 'Tea and Tasters' sessions and design consultations.
Importantly, the quality of the cake itself is of the same high standard as all of our cakes.

Click below for the link to our Gretna Wedding Cake Shop- 

Gretna Wedding Cake Shop.

We have also recently introduced our 'Simply Chic' concept for budget-conscious couples. We have put together a selection of three-tier wedding cakes to cater for medium scale weddings. 

More info on the link below-

Three-tier Budget Wedding Cakes.


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