Wedding Cake Prices at Jenny's Cakes

We do not publish a full price list for wedding cakes, as the range of sizes and decorative elements is almost unlimited.

However, we understand that potential clients would like to have some idea of prices, so we have put together the following pricing overview for our wedding cakes.

1. Budget Wedding Cakes for smaller weddings

We make a range of smaller single and two-tier cakes, designed for the smaller wedding.
Single tier wedding cakes with basic decoration such as tartan ribbon, and a Scottish silk topper with thistles, ivy leaves, heather and  blossoms start at under £100.
Two-tier wedding cakes are available from under £200

2. Budget Cakes for around 75 Guests

We recently launched our 'Simply Chic' range of three-tier wedding cakes featuring a number of designs and styles, in the range of around £250- £350.
We have a gallery of images of our Simply Chic Wedding cakes here. 

3. Other Wedding Cake Prices.

We make on average four or five wedding cakes each week. As each cake is different, it's difficult put our wedding cakes into categories, but we can describe them in the following broad cake design styles-

Vintage style Wedding Cakes, Chocolate wedding cakes, wedding cakes featuring bride and groom toppers, contemporary wedding cakes, floral wedding cakes which feature sugar-crafted sugar flowers, and our Designer Wedding Cakes for brides looking to really make a statement. 

Prices for most of our wedding cakes in three tier cakes start at around £350-£500, and four tiers from about £400-£600. 

Designer Wedding Cakes are designed and made on an individual basis, and are usually have deeper tiers, and lots more sugar-crafting and decorative elements, and pricing for Designer Wedding Cakes can easily be  well over £1,000 for a large wedding party.

We are always happy to provide budgetary pricing for clients, based on telephone discussions, or during a 'Tea and Tasters' consultation. We are also happy to look at your design ideas on a case by case basis.

Engagement Cake Prices.

Prices for engagement cakes start at £75 for a simple round cake with an inscription and a small sugar-crafted item. For two or three tier engagement cakes, we would suggest a budget of around £180-£350.

Wedding Anniversary Cake Prices

Cakes for Golden Weddings, Silver Weddings etc. Prices start from around £60, again for a small single tier cake going up to £200 for a large fruit cake with a large spray of sugar flowers.

Birthday Cake Prices.

Prices for birthday cakes start at £40 for a simple round cake with an inscription and a small sugar-crafted item.
For '3D' birthday cakes, such as Minion Birthday Cakes, Peppa Pig etc. can be made in several different sizes, buy typically start at around £80-£120. 

For 21st Birthday cakes, in two tiers, prices start at around £140.

Due to high demand for wedding cakes, we regret that we are unable at present to offer birthday/christening cakes.

Christening Cakes

We are often asked to make cakes for christenings. Depending on the number of guests, we could suggest a single tier christening cake priced from around £55 up to £175 for a two tier cake suitable for a larger family celebration.



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